General Information


Pretoria is the political and administrative capital of the country, with a population of 2.100 million, of all tribes and ethnic components, with a large proportion of white Africans and the headquarters of the presidency and all government ministries and foreign embassies. For more information, please visit click here


Is one of the largest cities in South Africa and the economic and industrial capital. The city is known as the largest gold producer in the world, as well as the Black Garden, Goldfield City, Mandela Entertainment Square and five-star hotels. For more information, please visit click here
Both cities (Pretoria, Johannesburg) are located in the province of Khauteng and are separated by a distance of 62 km. The province of Khauteng has a population of 13.5 million.

Cape town

The tourist capital of the country and the most beautiful cities of South Africa and the population consists of colored and white English-language and the tribes of South Africa and has attractive places such as (the table mountain) and the island of Robben, the island where Mandela was imprisoned, the penguin park and the island seal, The city is growing grapes and has multiple markets and parks. For more information please visit click here 


It is home to the largest port of the state and inhabited by most of the citizens of South Africa, home to the Zulu tribe, the largest black tribes in South Africa alongside the Asian and especially the Muslims of Indian origin and home to the famous Islamic preacher Sheikh Ahmed Deedat and is famous for the cultivation of cane and wood and places of entertainment Such as Oshaka Marine and to learn more please visit click here

Elizabeth Port

Another port of the country is one of the main tourist destinations in South Africa for its beautiful beaches close to the city as well as its biodiversity and historical landmarks. Port Elizabeth is famous for its gardens and museums (such as the Ocean Museum, King George VI) South Africa where the city organizes cruises to watch the dolphins, watch the sunset, whales and other marine animals.